Monday, May 15, 2006

Peace on earth

The only true authority we have, in the world, is over ourselves.
The world would need a lot less reformers if we all decided to change ourselves.

Our words,actions and even thoughts, act like waves on the surface of a lake. Even a small action, word or thought from us influences those around us and those whom we intract with.

A good and very practical way of bringing peace in this world, is through constant peaceful actions, words and thoughts.Each one of us can become small transmitters of peace on this world and believe me,a lot of change can be brought about in this world in this way.If our actions, words and thoughts are always with the best of intentions and they emerge from the deep peace within ourselves, then they have a tranquilizing effect on those around us.


Spirituality is the greatest strength in the world. Keep your hearts and minds clean and allow divine power to work through you. You will wonder at the great things which GOD will perform through you for the benefit of the rest of the world.

Allow yourself to be channels for divine power to work in the world. Seek HIS guidance daily in whatever you do. You will never have chance to regret the choices you have made in your life.

Spiritual laws are applicable in their minutest details in our lives. When we make mistakes,HE will be there at our side to take care of us, to bring us back on the right path.

Every little action of good from you will be rewarded, either in this world or outside.

GOD is the master craftsman and we are the threads in the beautiful carpet,the world, he is weaving using our lives.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A new equation

Einstein said,

Genius = 1% inspiration + 99% perspiration

The perfection which God demands from us also works on an equation,

Perfection God demands from an individual = (0-99)% individual's works + (1-100)%
God's grace

Once we have done our part to the best of our abilities, he will fill in with the rest.

The second percentage(God's grace) varies as per the individual's capabilities and circumstances. But this can never be less than 1%. Which means that how much ever we may strive we always need that 1% from his side to complete the picture.

On the other hand, God may choose to do works through an individual purely through HIS Grace. Which means that an individual may attain perfection in God's eyes purely through HIS Grace also. Hence, the second component can vary from 1 to 100.

God's love continued

Each one of us is important to him and he never wants any life to be wasted.

So, hope on till the the end and hold to to his love and grace with all the strength you have.

His love and grace will bring you everlasting peace.

If you take the texts/scriptures of any religion in this world, all of them talk about his love and compassion and for the need for us to focus on the virtuous things in life.

HIS peace and love can give you eternal happiness

God's love

God loves you.

For those who are strugling in their life due to any difficulty, please remember that god loves you and his grace is there to save you till the end what-ever situation you are in, if you submit yourself to him.