Friday, June 09, 2006


Life is like rock-climbing, on the side of a sea, sometimes. Whatever be the circumstances, we just need to cling to the place we have reached, when beaten down by adversities. Below us, might be the raging sea and around us might be the howling winds. But we just need to keep going looking at our goal. Dont lose the ground you have gained so far, in despair.

If we have the peace of GOD's love within us, we will be able to meet any circumstance with courage. Dont give defeats, whatever be their magnitude, more attention than they deserve. Dont let them sap your energy. Even if you have to go back a little, never give up everything you have gained till that point of time.

Use setbacks as moments of rest, refreshment and renewal.

Your ultimate goal in life should be - the upliftment of the souls in the world, both yours and those around you.

Aa far as practically possible, ensure that your aims in life align with the above goal.

Life is a journey from the 'human' to the 'divine' in us; of the soul in us, from the body to the spirit.

When our soul is guided by the spirit and thus the spirit guided soul controls our bodies, we will be able to master our lives better.

Just like our bodies and surroundings need cleansing and maintenance, our souls also need renewal at regular periods.

As we develop more and more of the divine in us, we will be able to see more and more of the divine in others.

The moments we are at most peace with ourselves are the moments which bring out the best in us.When we are are at our best, we always try to be our best with others.Hence, as far as possible, bring out the best in others and the world will be a much better place to live in.

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